5 Top Energy Efficent Solutions

Built-in energy savings of up to 80%

If you’re serious about building highly energy efficient homes, build to Passive House standards, says Willie Moffitt, Certified Passive House Consultant. “A Passive House offers up to 80% savings on heating energy compared to a standard building regulation built home – no renewable energy source will save you anywhere close to that,” says Willie. Check the potential energy efficiency of a new build before you break ground with the Passive House Planning Package planning tool. It uses tested and approved calculations to yield a building’s heating, cooling and primary energy demand. For more information on building to Passive House standards talk to Willie: +44 (0)28 8224 3656 / +44 (0)7803 189 303, email info@moffittandrobinson.co.uk


Sensei N Series

Rinnai’s Sensei N Series is the new generation of outstanding continuous flow condensing hot water heating units and delivery systems – capable of delivering more than 950 litres of temperature controlled hot water per hour at commercial temperatures from a single unit. Continuous flow heater systems are proven to be more energy efficient than conventional storage systems and increasingly the experts’ preferred method of hot water provision. The Sensei N Series water heater range is more compact making it easier to install. The enhanced combustion design delivers superior operational performance and makes it easier to service.


Airius Destratification Fans

Carbon Trust-approved Destratification Fans from Airius can save 20-50% on heating and cooling by combating the problem of thermal stratification. Buildings with high ceilings are more likely to suffer from this phenomenon, whereby warmed air collects at high level, requiring heating systems to work harder to maintain acceptable temperatures in the occupied zone. Installed at ceiling height, Airius fans quietly send this warmer air back down to the floor in a slow-moving column.  This equalises the temperature in the space – saving energy, cutting costs, improving comfort and reducing the carbon footprint in private, commercial and public buildings. To find out more, T: 028 9261 1648 –


Heat Hero

Heat Hero products are designed to improve the efficiency of solid fuel central heating by up to 50%. Heat Hero products are HETAS listed and designed to connect and zone solid fuel boilers to radiators, underfloor heating, pressure cylinders, oil or gas boilers safely, efficiently, affordably and simply. Heat Hero systems use gravity and an open vent for safety and have up to 50% more heat circulation than any other solid fuel heating system on the market. T: +353 (0)42 967 3732 / +353 (0) 86 803 8863


BioLPG home heating

With sustainability becoming more important for consumers, Calor BioLPG can reduce a home’s carbon emission by 50% and will help improve BER rating. BioLPG provides a 100% renewable energy choice for homeowners who want greater flexibility. Identical in appearance and performance to conventional LPG, BioLPG is made from a mix of sustainably sourced renewable vegetable oils, wastes and residues. BioLPG is used for the same applications and equipment and transported and stored in the same tanks. It’s been approved by the UK government as a sustainable renewable fuel, which means it’s exempt from Carbon Tax. To find out more, visit: