5 steps to prioritise brand sustainability

With rising awareness of the environmental impact of construction, sustainability has become a key part of Energystores focus

The efficiency performance gap between the proposed building and the in-life one is a remarkable 25%, which means that homes are using a lot more energy than their original design intends. Using energystore superbead, customers can achieve high in-life performance of cavity wall insulation (CWI) when the product is properly installed by highly trained specialists. Superbead is suitable for both new build and existing buildings and is one of the most versatile insulation products on the market, as well as being an incredibly cost- effective option.

A lot of products used on construction sites end up in a skip and get sent to landfill. This results in significant, unnecessary CO2 emissions from transferring waste from site to landfill, amongst the obvious issues with landfill itself. Careful selection of the insulation products being used on site can greatly reduce the amount of waste associated with installing insulation. energystore’s superbead and their new product, energystore TLA, are transported to site by specialist technicians who only take the exact amount of material required to complete the cavity wall or floor insulation. By streamlining this system, on-site waste associated with insulation can reduce by up to 15%.

energystore has five manufacturing facilities in Roscrea, Lisburn, Glasgow, Preston and Northampton, creating a unique distribution model throughout the UK and Ireland. The series of medium sized facilities, close to their local markets, has reduced the transportation distances of finished products significantly – taking lorries off the roads and reducing the CO2 impact from the operations. The additional development of larger installation vans allows more material to be carried per trip.

energystore has recently launched consultancy services for their clients, to assist with designing and maintaining thermal efficiency and developing more environmentally friendly buildings. The services they offer include thermal imagery, in-situ u-value measurement, detailed insulation surveying, full SAP compliance and thermal bridging analysis (Y-values).

After implementing a series of environmental improvements, energystore worked with an independent environmental consultancy, Sustainable Homes, to produce a life cycle assessment of the environmental impact from using energystore superbead. Their assessment identified a 5-month environmental payback when using superbead. This means that 5 months post-installation, the CO2 saved from using their product offsets all the CO2 emissions associated with its manufacture and installation. Sustainable Homes found that “superbead had the lowest Global Warming Potential per equivalent unit of insulation of any insulation product available in the UK.”

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