40 years of growth and dedication

Killeen Hardware has evolved significantly since its inception, starting with the stocking of basic building materials and expanding into various departments such as its bathroom centre, doors department and stoves and fireplace display. 

“Our growth has been driven by a desire to meet the changing needs of our customers and the dedication of our exceptional staff,” said Director David Hughes, son and grandson of the original founders, Kenneth and Philip. “We are always looking to expand our products in each department and improve our service to ensure we never miss a sale.”

As an independent business, Killeen Hardware takes pride in its ability to respond to the unique needs of each customer. “Our flexibility and freedom allow us to provide personalised solutions and go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. We have built a reputation for caring about our customers and will do everything in our power to source any item they require.”

David continued, “Our success over the years can be attributed to the hard work of our employees, who have played a pivotal role in building each department. At our core, we value our employees and consider them integral to our success. We have worked together to build a thriving business and have created a positive work environment for all.” 

Paul Elliott, a long-serving employee and Manager of the Door showroom, added, “Management are easy to work for and accommodating to the lives of each member of staff. Our success is a result of many things, including our loyal customers, suppliers and hardworking staff.”

Kenneth, Philip and David would all agree that running a business can be very demanding. “Running a business can be a tough job but we trust God is with us no matter what challenges arise and we rest in His sovereignty over our lives and business,” said David Hughes. 

Philip Hughes added, “We are very thankful for the many blessings and circumstances that have come together to create a thriving business.”

An anniversary event will be held this summer to celebrate the milestone event with customers and suppliers.

For the full feature on Killeen Hardware, check out NI Builder Issue 34-2 April-May here.