Seeing is believing at 2020 Architects

In recent years, visualisations have become all-prevalent in the architectural profession. Stylish imagery and renderings are a commodity as clients gain a better understanding through pictures rather than plans. 3D visualisation technologies are inspiring a new generation of designers to reinvigorate the traditional approach, pushing architecture to unknown heights.

With so many things to consider when designing a home, including interior space, room functionality and impact of natural light – visualising a project outside the basic CAD system can often be confusing. However, with the latest technology offered by 2020 Architects this is on the brink of change.

Architecture in Northern Ireland is taking a giant leap forward and, in many ways, gaining huge momentum from adopting technology normally used in video games. 2020 is the first architect in Northern Ireland to offer clients the opportunity to experience its design first-hand by taking a fully immersive virtual reality tour around their home in a fully dedicated virtual reality suite.

Using a VR headset, clients can stand in a photo-realistic environment and look around – not on a screen, but in exactly the same way that they do in the real world. By tilting their head up, they can see the ceiling and lighting design, by looking straight forward, feature-walls and room design.

By transforming 3D CAD models into interactive walk-throughs, architects and clients can evaluate aesthetic and design alternatives in real time.

2020 Architects has incorporated a new state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Suite into its new office premises in Ballymoney to make the entire design experience as engaging and effortless as possible.  Not only can clients visualise their new home, but they can walk around and interact with it, helping them envisage how they will actually live in it.

The uniqueness of this initiative has led to 2020 Architects being announced finalists in the ‘One to Watch Company’ category of the UK-wide, prestigious Construction Computing Awards 2016.

2020 is the only company in Ireland to be represented in this particular category and is competing with the very best in the software industry, including UK companies, Vectorsworks and Sypro Management.

Richard McKinney, Director of 2020 Architects, said, “Drawings and static renderings often fail to capture the experiential and spatial qualities of a building. The virtual reality experience will provide opportunities to comprehensively explain projects and understand the experience of a building before it is built. If the client is choosing between options for interior finishes, they may instantly see multiple options in real time, and in varying lighting conditions.”

This latest technology will speed up the design process and ensure that customers are 100% happy with the concept before progressing, which will in turn minimise delays at the construction stage due to changes.

Virtual reality also helps establish more collaborative links between various stakeholders that contribute to a building project, from urban planners and mechanical engineers to construction companies and contractors.

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