Ultraflo® – the best choice of floor screed for underfloor heating

Adrian Reid from Adrian Reid Homes pays testament to the benefits of Ultraflo® commenting, “Ultraflo® is a quality liquid screed which I have been using with underfloor heating in my developments for over 10 years. RTU is a reliable supplier and Ultraflo® is easy to install. Once in place, the floor is level, and there is little, if any, product shrinkage. If you are looking for a floor which enhances the energy efficiency of your underfloor heating, I would have no hesitation in recommending Ultraflo® from RTU.”

Produced in RTU’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Ultraflo® is a hemihyrdrate liquid floor screed and an affordable alternative to cement screeds. Its unique properties make Ultraflo® an ideal solution for all domestic, commercial and public sector projects.

Being a hemihydrate screed means it does not suffer from surface laitance (a scum/dust of material adhering to the top of the screed during the curing process). Unlike cement screeds on the market, Ultraflo® requires no buffing/grinding to the surface prior to the application of floor finishes.

Furthermore, there is virtually no drying shrinkage or curling with Ultraflo®. With only 0.02%, Ultraflo® demonstrates the lowest shrinkage of any screed on the market, therefore movement joints are only required at 300m2 intervals compared to cement screeds with joints every 80m2, and traditional sand cement screeds with joints every 36m2.

Ultraflo® also offers improved energy efficiency with underfloor heating. This is due to the fact that the heating pipes are encapsulated with Ultraflo® to a depth of only 50 mm, compared to 100mm with non-compacted cement screed. Ultraflo® therefore allows enhanced thermal control with underfloor heating and overcomes heat lag commonly experienced with sand-cement screed, thus reducing energy costs. An independent study carried out by the University of Ulster showed Ultraflo® as the most energy-efficient screed on the market, with a heat response time four times faster than cement screeds – scientific proof that Ultraflo® is by far the superior product.

Being formulated as a by-product of flue gas desulphurisation, Ultraflo® also has great eco-friendly credentials, another important consideration with today’s climate changes.

If you would like to hear more about how Ultraflo® would be the perfect solution for your project, contact the RTU Sales Office on  028 9085 1441 or visit www.rtu.co.uk