Masterplan created for community proposal in Belfast

Take Back the City plan for Mackies site.

London-based, Matthew Lloyd Architects have developed plans for the Mackies site in Belfast in what is said to be the first time plans have been submitted to a council anywhere
in Ireland or the UK by a community group with no ownership over the site.

The plans have been developed for “Take Back the City”, a community group which has submitted a Proposal of Application Notice to Belfast City Council, triggering a community consultation process for the site off Belfast’s Springfield Road.

Matthew Lloyd said, “The plans now include a varied neighbourhood of 750 mixed-type
and tenure homes, to be constructed in several phases, with 18,000sqm of employment floorspace, 3,000sqm of community floorspace, 2,000sqm of local shopping, a city farm, allotments to grow food and low-cost, low-carbon energy supply.”

The site, which has been largely vacant for over 20 years, is controlled by multiple owners including Invest NI, Belfast City Council, Braidwater Homes and the Department for Communities, which has overall responsibility for housing policy.

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