Make sure your customers are summer ready with Thompson’s

If you’ve been tasked with laying a new patio for a customer, it’s worthwhile convincing them of the benefits of getting you to finish the job properly with a professional sealant. Here’s why…

Patios can be a great focal point for any garden, being a good spot to entertain friends during the warmer months or simply as a maintenance-friendly alternative to grass. By sealing a patio’s surface, a range of negative effects can be avoided, all of which can damage the appearance of what is usually a significant investment.

For example, weeds (the nemesis of many homeowners), whilst not physically harmful, can make a garden look unkempt and take away from the aesthetic appeal of a patio. This can be easily negated using a good sealant, preventing algae regrowth and making weeds a thing of the past.

Another benefit of getting a patio sealed is that it retains the colour of the slabs or stones for longer. With such a wide range of beautiful colours, it’s a shame to let them degrade through gradual wear and tear. A properly sealed patio can maintain its true appearance for years to come.

Finally, there’s water damage. Many of your customers may jet wash their patios to remove any surface level dirt, but this can cause its own issues., Both rainwater – and jet wash water – can hide under the surface of the stone, gradually eroding a patio over time and causing mould that compromises the overall integrity of the surface. Again, through the use of a patio sealant, you can stop any moisture ingress from damaging your customer’s paving slabs or stones, prolonging its lifespan and look.

With the above in mind, recommending a good sealant can make a big difference. For example, Thompson’s Patio & Block Paving Seal, a quick and easy to apply sealant that can protect against all of these issues in just a matter of hours, leaving patios protected and sealed.

We recommend repeating the sealing process at least every six months, to ensure the maximum level of protection. Get the prep right and keep your customer’s patio surfaces looking good as new with Thompson’s!

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