Keep your feet dry!

No matter how wet conditions may get underfoot, feet stay dry as a bone with Be-Dry and Be-Powerful, the latest safety work boots from BASE featuring the latest technology to make them 100% waterproof and ultra-comfortable.

Thanks to OutDry technology® the footwear features an outer waterproof and light-weight breathable barrier that keeps feet dry, cool and comfortable. For the Be-Powerful range a patented TPU Skin outer sole, combined with an Air Tech mid sole ensure the boots stay comfortable all day long, even in the toughest conditions.

Tradesmen can choose between three new safety boots in the BASE range, available in the UK exclusively through Hyde – Be-Dry Mid, Be-Dry Top and Be-Powerful – each of which not only keep feet dry in wet conditions, but also feature a wealth of other benefits to increase comfort levels even further.

Be-Dry Mid is suitable for everyday use in wet conditions and temperatures as low as -17°C, while Be-Dry Top includes PrimaLoft® technology, making the boot even more comfortable when worn in very low temperatures.

As with all BASE footwear, safety and comfort always come first, with the new range featuring LifePlus, a technology developed to improve grip and outer sole resistance, even in the wettest of conditions.  Providing stability underfoot when working on constructions site where there is a constant presence of water, the double-density sole is thin, flexible and ultra-light, while superior shock absorption makes light work of rough and uneven surfaces too.

SlimCap technology throughout the range means the footwear is up to 35 per cent lighter than standard steel toe-capped safety work boots. The metal free toe-cap is just 6.5mm thick and equipped with a pre-shaped protective shape so that toes aren’t left feeling the pinch.  Meanwhile the patented SmellStop system prevents bad odours and acts as an anti-bacterial treatment, so the comfort continues long after the hard work of the day is over.

For more details on this 100% waterproof safety footwear by BASE, call Hyde on 0121 704 2324 or visit