KDM Hire conducts an on-site demo day with Thornton Roofing

The equipment rental specialist visited NI’s leading roofing and cladding company to showcase its products and comprehensive lifting equipment solutions...

KDM Hire is always eager to showcase its innovative solutions to valued customers and  recently had the pleasure of conducting an on-site demo day with Thornton Roofing.

Based in Toomebridge, Thornton Roofing delivers projects across the UK and Ireland and remains one of KDM Hire’s longstanding customers. The leading equipment rental specialist
company showcased its extensive range of specialist lifting equipment available for hire, led by Specialist Equipment Technical Sales Engineer Eamonn Loughlin. This included some of  the latest and most innovative products from the Go Green eco rental product range,  designed to provide eco-friendly solutions without compromising performance.

The showcased product range also featured cranes, lifts and gantries, vacuum glass and  cladding handling, site lifting and handling, crane and forklift accessories, trolleys, trucks  and hoists, and winches and lifting gear.

The demo day provided Thornton’s team with the opportunity to get hands-on experience,  explore the capabilities of each machine and gain a deeper understanding of how these  tools can further enhance its project site teams while offering modern, safer systems of work.

KDM Hire’s expertise is not just about providing equipment, it’s about offering solutions that revolutionise how you approach lifting and material handling, ensuring:
Safety first: One of the most common onsite injuries, back strain, can be mitigated with KDM’s advanced equipment. Features such as remote-control operation and robotic arm movement not only enhance safety but also ensure compliance with safety standards.
Reduced labour costs: Its equipment helps streamline operations, significantly cutting down on the need for manual labour.
Increased productivity: Even in constrained spaces, its lifting solutions enable more efficient material movement, boosting overall project throughput.

KDM Hire understands that many in the construction and industrial sectors face challenges in moving materials efficiently. Relying on manual labour can be time consuming and  resource draining. That’s why KDM Hire’s goal is to turn these challenges into opportunities.
Eamonn stands out in the field with over 15 years’ experience in the construction industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge to bear on your project’s specific challenges.

Understanding the intricacies of lifting requirements, regulations and the latest in lifting equipment technology, Eamonn works closely with customers to survey the job and provide tailored solutions and advice.

If you’re facing challenges in moving materials efficiently, let KDM Hire help you find the right solutions. For more information on KDM Hire’s lifting equipment solutions and how to improve your project’s efficiency and safety, get in touch or view the range of lifting equipment here.

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